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Follow your dreams. Hidden in them, is the gate to eternity.

MJX Presents "Speakers Boom" Official Promo Video

I am so excited to announce my debut single "Speakers Boom" by MJX is now available on iTunes!! I also released a promo vidoeo and…
Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux May 11, 2013

Mandy Jiroux Plays This Or That With Roy English

Hey Buzzfriends, I had the opportunity to do a fun interview and play this or that with the very talented Roy English! Want to know what kind…
Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux Apr 04, 2013

Pop Bottles Tour 2013

I have been on tour the past 22 days dancing for Sky Blu of LMFAO and his crew Big Bad University!! It has been non…
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Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux Mar 31, 2013

Your Favorite Bands Share Their Emerging Talent Picks

Hey Buzzies! I got the opportunity to collab with Buzznet's Music Editor Sara Scoggins on this really cool video roundup. The roundup basically shows off the…

BUZZNET Exclusive: 'Explain Yourself' With The Honor Society

Hey Friends, Last Friday I got to attend a really fun Box8 "Never Grow Up" party in Downtown LA with the Buzznet fam.  We got to…

BUZZNET's 'Love Yourself' Google Hang With The Buzzmakers

In celebration of Valentine's Day and Buzznet's month of 'Love Yourself' Buzznet is hosting a Google+ hangout with me and my fellow Buzzmakers Dani Vitale, Keltie…
Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux Feb 11, 2013

My Trip To New York: Music, BFFs And A Dream Come True!

Last weekend I went to New York with one of my best friends, Jessie, to work on music at the most beautiful studio! It was…
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Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux Jan 25, 2013

Mandy Jiroux 2012 Highlights

Happy almost New Years!!! I can't believe that 2012 is almost over! It felt good when I looked back through old photos and realized that…
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Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux Dec 29, 2012

Mandy Jiroux's Photo Shoot With Dirk Mai For Lily White & As U Wish Clothing

As I mentioned in my behind the scenes post recently, I got an amazing opportunity to model some of my favorite looks from Lily White &…
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Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux Dec 20, 2012

Behind The Scene Photos: Lily White & As U Wish Photo Shoot

Last week I got to model off my favorite looks from Lily White & As U Wish along side my sister Dani Vitale. I had…
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Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux Dec 19, 2012

Aerie Presents Mandy Jiroux's Closet Case Studies (VIDEO)

I had such a great time filming this Closet Case video for Buzznet & Aerie! Watch the video to check out what's inside my closet!   Pretty…
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Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux Dec 12, 2012

"Everybody Is Here To Party" Feat. Mandy Jiroux, BMAD And [ ]V[ ]® (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Hey guys, In honor of the holidays I have a little gift for you all... Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD!! New hit song featuring myself, BMAD, &…
Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux Nov 26, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving!pic

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been surrounded by too much cuteness the past few days bewteen my moms new puppy and my 3 nephews!!  I hope everyone has had a…
Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux Nov 22, 2012

Love My Lips: Mandy Jiroux's Classic Cherry ChapStick Style Inspiration

I picked the classic ChapStick Cherry to create an outfit inspiration because I have been wearing this ChapStick since I was a little girl. I…
Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux Nov 21, 2012

8 Things I'm Most Thankful For In 2012

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I have so many things to be thankful for. I picked out my top 8 things in particular…
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Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux Nov 19, 2012
my natural look :pic

Mandy Jiroux Rewind To The 90s

Buzznet asked me a few questions about the 1990s! Check out my answers below, and comment with your own answers, too! What is your favorite movie and…
Mandy Jiroux
Mandy Jiroux Sep 13, 2012
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